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Let The Details Build Your Brand


Written on 12/2/15 3:50 PM


Starting a personal brand is hard. How do you take who you are and translate that onto a blog, video series or any other form of digital media? It all starts with the details. Being meticulous and consistent can push your brand ahead by leaps and bounds.

Amy Schmittauer is the founder of SavvySexySocial.com and a popular YouTube blogger. Recently Amy spoke at Content Jam – a one-day content marketing conference about everything from SEO to content strategy. During her presentation she listed the steps to creating a successful YouTube channel. Let’s talk about three that you can use to push your brand forward on any platform: consistency, excitement and engagement.

Consistency. One word that can be the reason a brand fails or succeeds. Promoting a personal brand while having a family life, personal life and/or work life can be challenging. But sticking to a consistent schedule can be your brand’s saving grace. We are all creatures of habit, so getting your audience familiar with a schedule is essential. Whether it’s once a month or a week – be consistent.

Excitement. With so much content available online you have to be exciting. Nobody wants to read, watch or consume anything boring. What excites you? What excites your audience? How can you keep them wanting more? Your brand should please your audience. Are you teaching your audience something? How can you do it better than it’s been done? These are all questions you must consider when creating content.

Engagement. If your brand is consistent and exciting, people will be looking to learn more, comment and interact. Keep an active community if your audience reaches out to you. As Amy put it at Content Jam, “Listen. Respond. Benefit.” Pay attention to the comment section because you never know where it may lead you next. Your blog may start a conversation that reaches far beyond your expectations. Don’t limit your reach by not responding to comments – keep the conversations moving forward to engage and build a relationship with your audience.

Consistency, excitement and engagement are just the starting points to building a successful personal brand. The Internet is a limitless tool that can help catapult your brand to the next level.

Don’t limit your expectations and stick to your plan. You never know, you could be the next big thing.