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Creative Spotlight: There’s No Place Like Hollywood


Written on 02/18/16 10:28 PM


There is a uniquely American destination that is both real and imaginary. It transcends the ordinary: Existing as an actual spot on the map and as an endless expanse in our psyche. Its name conjures images of soundstages and studios. Here, you’ll find movie palaces and stars of the grandest illumination.

The first tv spot, “Stars Everywhere” is driven by the memorable Motown hit, “Money, That’s What I Want” and features cameos from Hollywood’s Golden Age including Marilyn Monroe and Vegas icons Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.

Yes, there is an actual Hollywood, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, where this truly American industry was born. More than a century later, it’s touched most everyone around the globe, transforming a barren patch of land in the western U.S. into a mystical and intoxicating palm tree paradise.

But there is also the Hollywood of our collective imaginations. Nowhere else frees our fantasies and stirs the hopes and dreams of ordinary people like Tinsel Town. Nothing else compares to the adventures and eternal romances, the drama and intrigue of that single incomparable word – Hollywood.

It’s a place where life is bigger and brighter. Where an indescribable energy swirls among the glitz and showbiz glitter. This is where fame and fortune walk hand-in-hand. And anybody can be somebody in Hollywood. Just make the journey, and your dreams will surely come true.

This is the Hollywood that RPM Advertising wants to take you to. The new campaign for Hollywood Casino features iconic Hollywood legends and old-school Vegas cool in a fabulous place full of paparazzi, swirling klieg lights and endless glamour.

After months and months of testing and research, the agency landed on many of the campaign elements and a distinct strategic idea: We would connect the Hollywood of our collective imaginations with Hollywood the Casino. The campaign creates a destination where we can all escape, live the Hollywood life, and enjoy a little star treatment, even if it’s just for a little while.

Through television, digital, print, radio and outdoor, RPM continues to deliver their unique, own-able campaign – a new, contemporary vision of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The music, the footage and storytelling all come together in a world of gaming chic and Hollywood glamour.

It’s a Hollywood where everyone can live in the spotlight, a place where everything is larger than life: Look up and your name beams out from a towering marquee. Look down and glide across a sea of red carpets stretching off into the distance for as far as the eye can see.

Listen and you can almost hear the clicking cameras and the pop-popping of flash bulbs. It’s the unofficial soundtrack of Hollywood. And it calls them by the thousands, starry-eyed and star-struck, to a place where dreams are made. And fame is just a chance away.