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Live Streaming, The Micro-Influencer & More: What to Expect in 2017


Written on 01/24/17 7:39 PM


Sayonara, 2016. The New Year is here and we’ve got the top five marketing trends to tap into for 2017.TRENDS_300x300

Facebook Silent Videos

Marketers are calling 2017 “The Silent Revolution.” Eighty five percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so brands have to entice an audience from the clutter-filled newsfeed with two tactics: striking visuals and text-heavy descriptions.


Instead of casting a wide net to a general audience, brands can divide the market, creating multiple versions of the same ad that resonate with specific consumers. Maybe it’s tweaking the language to speak to millennials, switching up the visuals to reflect the climate of the consumer’s location. Brands can hone in on what the audience relates to, then push these specific ads to that market.

Live Streaming

Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Live … brands have an opportunity like never before to engage with audiences in the moment. Whether it’s a Q&A session or broadcasting an event to audiences worldwide, live streaming offers an authentic way for brands to spark a conversation with their followers.

The Micro-Influencer

When it comes to Instagram, bigger isn’t always better. Instead of using one celebrity influencer to reach an audience through sponsored posts, brands have started using micro-influencers (Instagrammers with 10,000–100,000 followers). Why? These niche influencers have a more dedicated following, resulting in two-to-five times more organic engagement than a celebrity post.

Dark Social

2017 shines a light on new ways to track social engagement. “Dark social” is the term used for when users share content without clicking the “share” button. They may copy and paste the link into a text, email or direct message. By simply adding a tracking code to social links, we can count these “dark social” shares as engagement and obtain more accurate results.

Ready to get to work? Stay tuned and see how RPM uses these strategies to make the most of everything 2017 has to offer.