RPM Advertising

Welcome to Our Digital World

The scene keeps changing and there’s a new turn seemingly every day. But one place you’ll always find RPM is ahead of the curve.

Technology has steered the way media is delivered and consumers have followed right along. But we’ve gone one better: we make sure your message is already there, waiting for your audience before they arrive.

Our full-service digital department takes you from initial strategy to creative rollout, finding just the right place, at the right time, to capture your optimal audience. We do it in a multi-channel environment with continuous monitoring of your results and refining of your message. And we do it with the kind of dedication that puts you exactly where you want to be: ahead of the curve.

With our Programmatic Trading Desk we provide each of our Client-Partners with fully transparent reporting and analysis, something you won’t find with all agencies. We’ll develop SEM keywords and phrases for all the major search engines to keep you front of mind and on top of the results. Our real-time monitoring ensures your message stays up to date and right on target.

RPM has built successful CRM programs across the spectrum, all fully integrated within a brand’s advertising campaign and expertly segmented to put your message in front of the right customers at just the right time.

We’ve built a team of interactive design professionals who work hand-in-hand with our art directors and copywriters to bring your advertising to life on all devices.

We bring the pictures and the words together to create your digital footprint. From banner ads to eblasts, from web design to online animations and videos, we’ve produced award-winning work that takes your brand to wherever your audience wants to go.

You know where your audience likes to hang out – locked into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and all the others. We create traditional posts and paid content that come into view when you want it most. Your digital campaign will find your customers as they interact with their friends to help you make the best impressions.

From our nimble corner of this fast-paced agency, we’re focused on keeping your brand fresh, mobile, and most of all productive. We’re a blend of left-brains, right-brains, and brains with years of media savvy coming together as a team that will lead you to your digital goals.

TV Spots and Online Video

We produce high-quality video for both broadcast and digital delivery. We shoot, write, edit, and run post-production on all of our work.

3D Graphics and Animation

Our 3D Graphics and Animation Departments are among the best in the industry. If you're looking for 2D Animation or 3D effects and compositions, we are your go-to agency.

App Design

We've produced a number of Apps that run on Android and iOS. Be it for a specific promotion, or just to highlight your brand, our Apps connect to consumers in a real, visceral way.

Email Marketing

We build responsive and engaging Email blasts and newsletters and test them thoroughly in every current email client available.

Facebook Banners and Video

We are well-versed in creating banners, carousels, and interactive video using Facebook Canvas. If you're looking to connect with audiences in a variety of ways within Facebook, RPM is there for you.

HTML5 Display Banner

Our Display Banners load quickly, get great responses, and are thoroughly tested on every modern browser and device.

Instagram Ad

Our stellar videographers and photographers are well-versed in Instagram, creating captivating moments within this ubiquitous app.

Snapchat Filters

By harnessing location-based information from customers, we're able create custom Snapchat filters that will fascinate your followers. These are perfect for special events, or just to celebrate your brand.

Stadium Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics department has wowed stadium audiences for years now.

Plasma Video Display

Our video capabilities include Plasma Displays, which are perfect for everything from point-of-purchase sales to plasma outdoor billboards.

Responsive Web Site Design

We take pride in designing and building crisp, dynamic websites that display beautifully on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.