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Douglas Ekman

Executive Vice President

Douglas Ekman is a native of Detroit, so automobile advertising and marketing are a natural for him. He served as Creative Director for Kenyon and Eckhardt Advertising on the Dodge Account during the rebuilding of Chrysler in the 80’s. While there, he was an urban pioneer in Detroit’s Cass Corridor, where he lived and authored an anthology of short stories, “People Live In The Cass Corridor”. His early career as a radio and television talk show host led him to NBC Television’s Saturday Night Live as a contributing writer. A short stint as a standup comedian convinced him show business was no business. Before joining RPM’s Auto Team as Executive Vice President, he owned his own advertising agency specializing in automobile advertising. A winner of several NADA creative awards, Ekman is an advocate of strong tactical promotions that harvest the seeds planted by memorable strategic branding.