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Mara Schneider

Vice President, Media Director

A self-described technology freak and bearded dragon owner, Mara is uniquely suited for the modern media landscape. She has a passion for all things digital and is a talented visionary when it comes to finding media’s Next Big Thing.

That isn’t to say she doesn’t do conventional – Mara has managed and implemented strategic digital and traditional media plans for all kinds of clients including IBM, DuPont, Cricket, MillerCoors, Philips, Boeing and SCJ among many others. Her innovative leadership skills were honed at companies like Initiative Media, Zocalo Group and Draft/FCB. And now, Mara is laying the groundwork for cutting-edge greatness at RPM as the new Media Director.

Mara loves spending time at home with her family where she’s a sci-fi nerd and 80’s nostalgia nut who plays Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. However, she loses a lot (to her son).