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Customer Relationship Marketing

Our 360-degree process includes everything from data-driven analysis to eye-popping digital and printed creative. We’ll even find the right printer for you and negotiate the most cost-efficient price. It’s a thorough, innovative approach that’s been honed for more than 20 years because we know that successful CRM programs keep your customers coming back again and again.


Showcasing your latest event, innovation, community partnership, or superstar team member further enhances your brand awareness, and – by leveraging RPM’s long-established relationships every market in which our Client-Partners operate – you can achieve an optimum exposure via earned media placements. With timely, well-placed communication and messaging, our team works directly with targeted media outlets to keep your name front of mind and always in the conversation.


At its core, CRM is about continuing the conversation with the customer. We get to know them, their likes and dislikes, and what motivates them to ensure that the ongoing dialogue is timely, on point, and engaging.
We help you identify performance standards and dissect your customer data. We’ll determine optimal KPIs and structure direct marketing campaigns based on appropriate segmentation.
We’ll test your message and respond quickly to what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll provide full P&L analysis and recommendations based on those results. It’s numbers and experience working together.
Everything you’ve read so far on this site ties into CRM. It’s the people, the story, the science, and the creativity. And at RPM it’s all done under one roof.