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Getting your message out and developing your brand is an ongoing initiative. It’s a conversation, a two-way street populated by regulars, passersby, curious onlookers, and interested newcomers. Your interaction with this crowd complements every effective ad campaign, and we can help you engage.

Media Relations

Showcasing your latest event, innovation, community partnership, or superstar team member further enhances your brand awareness, and – by leveraging RPM’s long-established relationships every market in which our Client-Partners operate – you can achieve an optimum exposure via earned media placements.
With timely, well-placed communication and messaging, our team works directly with targeted media outlets to keep your name front of mind and always in the conversation.

Work Your Verticals

Casinos cater to golfers. Sparkling beverages go well with green initiatives. Luxury car dealers make great neighbors in the community. See where we’re going with this? Don’t let your core industry define who you are or who you’re talking to.
Our team will work directly with you to identify new and relevant outlets to enhance your PR profile through traditional, digital, and social media.

Keep on Schedule

As with all marketing communications, being proactive is essential in any messaging strategy. For all our Client-Partners, we keep ongoing contact with editors, writers, bloggers, and other influencers. We also track editorial calendars to pitch specific one-off opportunities as they arise.

Your Bottom-Line Boost

When Hollywood Casino opened a new destination outside San Diego, they turned to RPM to fulfill its PR expectations. We did not disappoint.
Through broadcast, print, and digital platforms, Hollywood achieved 525 placements leading up to the opening with a reach of over 500,000 and a total publicity value of $1,006,858.
This included web-based videos, on-property celebrity lookalikes, bus wraps, and more, all of which generated a local buzz across the local media landscape.