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New Suite of BI Tools Optimize Performance


Written on 01/31/18 11:09 PM


RPM recently introduced a new, more effective digital optimization, reporting and cloud data storage solution for Client-Partners. The new tools provide each client with customized dashboards and reporting tools for real-time data about consumer and campaign performance. This data will be used to inform real-time optimization decision-making – from the initiation of a holistic digital campaign all the way through optimization.

RPM’s brand new suite of business intelligence tools are intuitive, agile, real-time, and come complete with a cloud data storage solution that provides the most granular view of a client’s digital campaign’s program performance.

The new tool means that clients can take advantage of the benefits that come with:

  • Always-on performance, near real-time, 12-hour snapshots and trend analysis
  • A deep granular understanding of channel and campaign performance
  • Faster optimizations and reporting
  • Intuitive, user-centric web-based dashboards

In addition to the tool, clients receive monthly communications containing a link to the custom as well as additional reporting (such as executive-level briefs) that may be helpful to marketing teams.

To learn more about this enhanced suite of digital marcom business intelligence (BI) tools, see the infographic below.