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Creative Spotlight: Riondo Prosecco


Written on 02/1/18 6:50 PM


All over the America people are discovering a uniquely Italian bubbly beverage. Indeed, prosecco is most definitely having a moment. And RPM’s continuing campaign for Riondo Prosecco from Terlato Wines plans to make the most of it.


Beginning this spring, Riondo’s signature stripes and colors, as well as the bold look and language, will be splashed across an array of print publications, social media, banners and streaming audio coast to coast. It’s multi-channel national advertising with push-and-pull messaging that’s sure to build big on last year’s incredible success.


The Italian-inspired campaign will take wine drinkers on a playful journey complete with sun and fun and everything summer. With even more influencer marketing and digital initiatives this year, the Riondo brand is sure to be the go-to prosecco in 2018.


Over the coming months, Riondo will also take over the shelves with catchy and colorful display enhancers, stylish racks and big, bold club store tray packs. Branded point-of-sale clings, exciting in-store giveaways and coveted placements will definitely have customers asking for it by name.


Throughout the marketing effort, RPM has wisely positioned Riondo as something more approachable, more inclusive and genuine. Unlike prosecco brands that aspire to be special occasion, champagne-like brands, Riondo is the authentic Italian way to make every day more bubbly. For consumers, it’s the easy prosecco choice – the essence of laid-back, enjoyable Italian living.


2018 promises to be an exciting year for Riondo with greater distribution, including the addition of Walmart stores. And with the RPM campaign in full swing, there’s sure to be more excitement, more internet buzz and more sales this year than ever before. So get ready for Riondo Season. And let’s toast the good life, Italian-style. “Salute!”

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