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Digital Video Ads: Are You Making Customers Wait?


Written on 06/12/18 6:06 PM


blockchainBuffering has become many digital marketers’ worst nightmares. When digital ads are served alongside video, buffering can dramatically impact the success – or failure – of digital ads. Unlike display ads, which occur as a webpage loads, video ad calls often don’t take place until the user clicks the play button, and this prompts the buffering cycle – a vicious one that can lose viewers and heighten user frustration.


With digital video ad spending in the US estimated to top $17 billion this year, and growth expected to reach $24 billion by 2020, marketers are betting big on video, according to eMarketer. But what if half your audience is giving up on your video ad before they even get to view it? That’s what’s happening, according to a survey of US mobile video viewers. In fact, nearly 60% of respondents reported that they are frustrated with their mobile video viewing experience at least half the time. And while half of these viewers are giving up, nearly one quarter stop using a particular service completely.


Similarly, about 80% of US adults surveyed by Adobe last December said that if a piece of content takes too long to load, they’ll either stop viewing it or switch to a different device.


Frustration is running high, and publishers are making efforts to reduce buffering to keep users on sites longer. With more than 75% of worldwide video viewing on mobile devices, this is a problem publishers need to solve and agencies need to work with clients to address when developing digital video ad campaigns.


by Jennifer Wiza