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Greater Transparency with Blockchain-enabled Programmatic Advertising


Written on 06/12/18 4:28 PM


blockchain Ad-buying and verification can be a very murky process. How can agencies enable greater transparency and clarity for programmatic advertising? At RPM, it starts with providing inventory verification and transparency for digital advertising, which is why we recently moved forward with a trial of Ternio’s blockchain solution for two clients—Terlato Wines and Majestic Star Casino & Hotel.


Transparency of the ad supply chain is a focus for many brands and agencies, so the ability to garner this insight in a programmatic environment is key. Both Majestic Star and Terlato will be applying 100% of their online display budget to piloting Ternio’s platform.


Pioneering a highly scalable and fully decentralized blockchain framework, Ternio aims to solve the problems that continually plague digital advertising—lack of transparency, lengthy payment models, and advertising fraud.


The Lexicon framework underlying the operation uses highly modified versions of Hyperledger Fabric and Stellar. As a fully decentralized solution, the smart contracts ensure terms are met, while providing visibility into the transactions in the supply chain. Ternio’s technology provides a communication layer for ultra-fast data transfer and can support the high queries per second (QPS) required for programmatic buying and selling.


Majestic Star will begin piloting a blockchain programmatic advertising campaign in July. In the past, it has been difficult to determine why some campaigns do better than others. The transparency gained though blockchain will change that.


“The goal is to gain real clicks and conversions, says Alex Salinas, advertising manager at Majestic Star Casino & Hotel, located in Gary, Indiana. “In the past we’ve had some strange activity due to bots, which grip onto keywords. Casinos tend to grip onto that traffic.”


Blockchain can eliminate bots, verify users, and reduce fraud. At RPM, we believe that blockchain long-term can reduce costs for RPM and clients, and reach higher quality consumers while giving our team the ability to track and measure metrics as the campaign happens—if changes are needed they can be initiated in the middle of the process.


The integration of this new method of optimization and reporting will inevitably serve to break down barriers and help us take a smarter approach to our clients’ business and marketing efforts.


by Jennifer Wiza