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Celebrating 25 Years of Not Standing Still


Written on 04/30/19 6:15 AM


Celebrating 25 Years of Not Standing Still RPM recently celebrated our 25th year, which means we’ve had a front row seat to seismic changes in how marketers market and consumers buy. From the dramatic shift of dollars to digital channels and heightened emphasis on consumer experience, to a hyper-focus on analytics and real-time optimization, our team has been running as fast as our industry’s been changing. We’ve witnessed the massive opportunity (and dollars) that boomers created, the challenge to reach the “middle children” in Gen X, me-me-me Millennials, and digital born Gen Z – who on average received their first mobile phone at age ten!

Consumers have become influencers and advocates, devices have become personal, and attention spans have become shorter. But that’s not all…marketers are more hard-pressed than ever to engage, remain transparent, and create personal experiences – all while being their authentic selves. And there’s more! A recent survey revealed that 31% of U.S. marketers believe that, in the next 30 years, robots will do much of the digital marketing they currently do.

So, what does the next 25 years hold for our clients and our agency team? While we don’t have a crystal ball, we’re looking forward to evaluating new channels, improved data applications and even more comprehensive analytics for our clients.