Horseshoe Casino

Make it right for the gambler

From the very beginning, RPM understood that the Binion name and the family history that began in Vegas in 1951 offered serious gamblers (and the not-so-serious) the authenticity they craved. Featuring big-time action and a classic casino experience, Horseshoe quickly grew into a gaming powerhouse. Iconic tales from the casino’s storied past built a foundation for the legendary brand. And when the Hammond, Indiana, property was reimagined as a billion-dollar mega-casino, RPM leveraged unique transit placements, dramatic video and unforgettable experiential moments, including a game of high-stakes blackjack played live on Jimmy Kimmel. Ultimately, the campaign helped create one of the biggest grand openings in gaming history.

Suitcase Man Part 1

Suitcase Man Part 2

Suitcase Man Promo